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Whitelist for Chrome, For Block Pages of Websites

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If laptop or PC at home also often used by children or relatives that are still small, surely you feel worried if they’re accessing the internet. Imagine if their access the adult content website.

One of the solution is to install parental control application. But if you want a more simple, just use extension for Google Chrome called Whitelist for Chrome. With it you can create a whitelist contains list of any website that are allowed to be accessed. What is interesting here is its name “whitelist” instead of “blacklist.” By default all websites will be blocked, thus only that were in the whitelist which can be accessible.

1. Search then download Whitelist for Chrome in Chrome Web Store. Like any other extension, its icon will appear on the toolbar. Don’t be afraid to be seen, as later you can hide it. Click the icon to make the adjustment.

2. Contents from the settings is simple. The first option is “Block pages from websites not in my list.” Check this option and all websites that aren’t on the whitelist will be blocked. Continue by typing any website that can be accessed and click Add to add it to the whitelist.

3. By default, Bing, Google and Yahoo can be accessed. The existing star character on the search engines names means that the results of searches performed from all three were also allowed. But if the search result clicked, is still only website that you allow that will be shown. If not then a warning will be displayed that the website is blocked.

4. This setting will be run shortly after you click Save button without having to restart Chrome first. To hide the extension icon from toolbar, simply right click on the icon and select Hide Button option.

5. You can access it via the extension page on Chrome to do the settings. The assumption was children can’t access this page, and therefore there are no additional security like passwords to access the settings menu.

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