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Top 5 Guide to Choosing High Definition Game for Android

March 12th, 2013 0 Comments

Choosing High Definition Game

Choosing High Definition Game not much different with the qualifications that must be owned a high-end game. High Definition (HD) games also doesn’t really need any special requirements. So long as in terms of processor, graphics nor software version compatible with the minimum requirements then get ready playing with the maximum HD display.

HD games sort of Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD, Air Attack HD, Real Football 2012 HD, Real Racing 2 HD has the criteria and requirements that almost similar to the requirements that should be owned to play high end games or 3D games.

Here are 5 Top Guide to Choosing High Definition game:

1. Processor and Graphics Capability

Again processor and graphics issues had an important role to run HD game. Minimal its processor 1 GHz with a few criteria that exist on each game. Either it’s for single core or dual core. For smartphones that already quad-core is guaranteed smoothly when playing it. Just as the needs for 3D games and high end, the tablet and smartphone vendors has put a reliable GPU chipset and high classified.

Like PowerVR SGX 540 or Nvidia GeForce. Or ARM Mali 400 GPU chipset so has a refreshing graphics performance. Moreover tablet sort of iPad that equipped quad core graphics capabilities. Then the real HD game visual it feels not lose than the display on game console devices.

2. High Resolution Screen (High Definition)

Actually, screen resolution not too much became the deciding factor to play HD games. But of course the screen resolution especially that has HD screen class will display the level of depth, sharpness and color detail that more real. True HD screen resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels in fact always provide comfort while you are engrossed in playing with tablet or smartphone. Or resolutions like those which owned iPad 3 since already adopted 1536 x 2048 pixels, it’s feels HD game appear more rich colors, clear and very spoil to the user’s eyes.

3. Availability of HDMI Port

Due to high definition technology, of course for gamers who are not satisfied with the breadth of the view when playing on the mobile device. Can play it on HDTV devices. Support for HDMI port which functions to move the game display to wide TV screen (LCD TV) very necessary. Unfortunately indeed for smartphones / branded tablet its price still quite expensive. But many local tablet players that has dared to put HDMI port.

4. RAM and ROM Memory

Depending on the specifications required by the game. Then there are HD game that can be played with the capacity of RAM and ROM of 512 MB. But there are also which requires more specifications whereby capacity of its RAM up to 1 GB. Because indeed average HD game has a fairly large memory capacity. To display the graphics, detail nor the level and game level which a lot more.

5. Need Large Screen Dimension

With wider screen and extensive of HD games which looks more real. Needs to provide a wider screen dimensions are needed so that gamers more freely enjoy every sensation of those game. Generally indeed HD games will look better on the tablet. Where sizes 7 to 10.1 inches clearly better compared to the top smartphone which the average ranges between 4-5 inches.

When you want to buy Android game, make sure you follow this guide while Choosing High Definition Game to fit for your device.

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