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Suunto Ambit 2 with Outdoor Feature

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Although started left behind as a timepiece, there are still many manufacturers who glanced to manufacture watches. Basic functions of the watches which the initial appearance only for timepiece began to be replaced by a function of some gadgets. Among the functions of smartphones and mobile phones that also equipped with a timer. To overcome this, some manufacturers began developing watches in order to be accepted by the users of the gadget. Nowadays watches come with a variety of functions and advanced technology to help your daily activities, including in sports or other outdoor activities as seen on Suunto Ambit 2 sports watches.

A watches company, released a latest sports watches name Suunto Ambit 2 watches. Unlike the normal watches, you will get a tiny gadget complete with GPS and a variety of additional sensors such as compasses, altimeter barometric, navigation tracker and several other features that make this watches like a special gadget. Although equipped with many modern features, timepiece functions remains irreplaceable in this gadget. You will find a digital timer on this sturdiness gadget.

Built using quartz crystal material and bezel steel make this watches different. Because, generally the other sports watches use plastics materials such as Lexan and other. But not for Suunto Ambit 2, this gadget is designed to last outdoors with promising special mode for walking, cycling and swimming till triathlon mode.

Its weight also quite light only 72 grams with 0.6 grams of a thick body. Who pull the strings on the wrist strong enough to make the perfect watches still attaches despite doing heavy activity.

This gadget comes with pink color, but still readable. Interestingly there are display light feature when used at night so that lets you see the clock or info on it. The real advantage of using quartz screen in this gadget is to give this watches battery life for 15 – days. To recharge the battery, you can use clamp -on USB cable.

Suunto Ambit 2 gadget isn’t a touchscreen device thus to control it still use the buttons like a conventional wristwatch. There are five buttons – two on the left and three on the right. The function of these each button is relatively similar to other watches, making it easy to use Ambit 2 directly.

To start a new exercise you simply press the Start / Stop button. You need to press the Next button to return to the main screen, which displays the time, date, battery, and some other options. However, you need a bit of trial and error to some “hidden function” key.

Suunto Ambit 2 also has advanced features such as heart rate, weight training and EPOC gauges, all supported from Suunto Movescount software. Like the other watches, the heart rate strap will send your heart rate to Ambit2, allowing you to track BPM and your calories burned.

When starting a new exercise gadget will look for a monitor – this usually takes less than two seconds – and once connected will make this gadget follow your heart rate as well as your step. This data can be viewed in various formats (on the graph) and can even be used to tell you the level of recovery and peak exercise.

As a tiny gadget, Suunto Ambit 2 impressive enough for walkers and runners as well for the stylish youth, this gadget was made with functional features and accurate GPS as well battery life for 15 days. Unfortunately, the price is quite expensive for a watch, $400.

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