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Startup Auditor, Choose Active Application During Startup

March 26th, 2013 0 Comments


When Android device turned on, have you feels the process slow? More and more applications that are installed, then this will more felt. The reason is some applications will follow when startup though not all applications required. The solution is to stop applications that not needed during startup.

Due to Settings menu which there was no option to do that, then needs the help of third-party applications, one of which is Startup Auditor.

1. For starters, you have to figure out what applications that currently active. To do it access Settings menu> Applications> select Running Services tab.

2. After Startup Auditor installed and opened, you can view a list of existing applications. Which worth noted, the list also displays systems application which of course do not turn off during startup by you.

3. On articles in here that selected was Google Maps. Then the screen will show Google Maps on those application.

4. Check Startup Disable option so that applications will not active for a while after startup. Because although deactivated during startup, some applications will continue to run some time after that.

5. Need to know, if only one or two applications that are disabled, the startup time will not too visible its difference. But if there are more, then the difference will be felt.

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