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Short Information About Android OS

November 12th, 2012 0 Comments

Eclair (Android 2.1): Optimization of hardware speed, support more screen sizes and screen resolution. The new interface on the browser and support for HTML5. New contact list. The increase in Google Maps 3.1.2 application. Support for Microsoft Exchange. Support Camera Flash and Digital Zoom. Improvement of virtual keyboard, Bluetooth 2.1, Live Wallpapers.





Froyo (Android 2.2): Optimization of speed and performance. Integration of chrome V8 javaScript into the browser application. Improvement support for Microsoft Exchange. The increase in launcher application with shortcuts to the phone application and browser. USB tethering and WiFi hotspot. Can deactivate mobile network data access. Automatic update feature in android market. Voice dialing and various contacts via bluetooth. Supporting upload file in the browser application and Adobe Flash 10.1.





Gingerbread (Android 2.3): NFC (Near-Field Communication) for wireless transactions. Support front camera function. Telephony via internet. Appearance that more neatly. Application shortcut named Manage Applications. Faster text input. Copy, Cut, Paste getting better.








HoneyComb (Android 3.0): More optimized for tablets. 3D effect. Special interface. Board menu which always appears in bottom of the screen contains notifications, system status and navigation on the screen, also the clock, the dim mode, and others. Multitasking that more easier with the presence of new applications launcher that just run (recent apps). Virtual keyboard that easy to use. Copy/paste which are better. At the top of menu boardĀ  there are options: cut, copy, copy to clipboard, share, paste, search the web, till local search. WiFi is improved to speed up the connection. Organizing email easier through the two appearance of screen, like iPad appearance. Widget more interactive with more diverse functions.



IceĀ  Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0): Size of the widget can be changed at will. Application icons can be dragged into folders like iOS. The ability of screenshot of the screen which is easy. Notification is perfected with notification alert when the phone in the locked state. Browser able to open up to 16 tabs in form of vertical and stacked. Simply select the full screen option, will get website appearance of the desktop version. Can select multiple emails at once to speed up archiving. Control of mobile data that more specific. Zero shutter lag camera feature, 1080p video support, also share photos instantly and editing photos. Beautiful interface design.

Compared to Gingerbread, ICS appearance more elegant. Its notification feature also enriched and more interactive. Homescreen equipped with widget that its size can be adjusted (resizeable). On the homescreen can be created folder, action bar that can be customized quickly. Easier to take pictures and edit photos directly. In the locked state, photos directly can be taken with camera button. Supporting NFC wireless technology, where two Android phones technology are NFC can exchange data and information, such as contacts, webpage, video, or music can be transfered, similar to bluetooth.



Jelly Bean (Android 4.1): There is Google Now, applications based on location that can work using the browser search history, calendar and location of the user. Smarter notification. Smart widgets that can automatically adjusts to the space that available on the screen. Sound search more sophisticated. Gallery appearance that are updated.


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