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Photographing Time Lapse with Mobile Phone

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Have you seen a video about a location where those video is showing gradual changes in those location, from early morning until late night? Or video that shows the changes and dynamism of a city or  street that appear gradually transitioning?

Technique to make those video is time lapse. This technique is being popular since how to make it easy yet requires patience. Time lapse actually is a technique to make a series of photos taken in a certain period into a short video clip. Shooting period generally lasts longer, even hours, while the timing of image capture can be made periodically every few seconds to minutes, depending on needs.

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Recorded objects usually are objects that have a very slow movement, like the movement of clouds, the sun, moon, stars and so on. Still time lapse may also be used to record a faster movement of human that walking, although later the result of those human movement would seem very fast. Make a video time lapse, usually using DSLR or compact camera. However, you can make it with camera phone. In fact, with time lapse app on your phone, you can set the recorder of photographs for time lapse and directly edit it thus can immediately see the results.

If you’re using Android, one application that can be used is Lapse It. This application not only helps you to record objects in some location with a choice of setting a certain time duration, yet also connect it and share it on Lapse It community.

There are also Time-Lapse – Lite, Easy Time-Lapse, Time Lapse Droid, Time Lapse Buddy, TimeLapse! apps, And much more. How to use it simply put the camera phone on a tripod and place it in the location to be recorded. Make sure the battery is full and safe to be placed and left. Video time lapse ready to be made​​.

1. For test, use Lapse It app. This application is practical and can be for rendering. Next, run this free application. Tap on [New Capture]. Recording screen and camera will active.

2. Set the duration of the recording by tapping the second button from the left at the bottom of the screen. For the free version, video resolution only 240p thus can not be changed. Next put the camera in the desired location.

3. Tap [Capture]. Camera phone will record and photograph the location of each specified period. The number of recorded frames will appear on the screen. If want to temporarily pause, tap [Pause].

4. If want to stop recording, tap [Stop]. You can see a preview of the combined photo become video time lapse by tapping [Play] button on the left side of the preview video. The series of photos would appear like video.

5. To cut a certain part of a series of frames, use [Trim]. Give effect with [Effects] and to be good adds audio with [Music]. If done, tap [Render]. And a series of photos will become video.

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