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PayPal Transactions in BlackBerry

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PayPal now became a useful tool for transactions in cyberspace. Can be said this is “online currency”. With PayPal, your credit card still secure protected by PayPal during the transactions in cyberspace. To make payment in BlackBerry App World when you purchase apps there are two ways that you can do, which is pay it by using credit card or PayPal.

You can buy application with PayPal currencies. In this way indeed more safer than using regular credit card, because the identity of your payments done using PayPal account (which is an email address and password). To get this account, you must register the personal data and your credit card at

Using PayPal

Actually there another way which is using pulses cutting system. This payment system has been done since the appearance of BlackBerry App World 2. In fact, according to RIM, this purchase can also be charged to the bill account of subscribing operator belongs user. Previously, this facility only applicable in certain countries at first, but nowadays local operators began to apply it. Yet not all of them provide this system.

Indosat BlackBerry users can do payments to purchase application in BlackBerry App World with the pulses cutting system. Before buying, of course you must ascertain whether owned the pulses that owned has value larger than price of applications that you want. How its use the same with buying application in BlackBerry App World.

However in general, of course using credit card. If confident, you can also buy application with credit cards. The options pretty much, from Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and others.

3 Easy Step Buy Application

1. To purchase, search and choose the desired application. Next, Click applications until appears the windows of application description. Look at the descriptions and recommendations of other users about the application. To buy it directly click [Purchase] button or click on the price of application.

2. Next enter BlackBerry ID. If do not have one, click [Create a BlackBerry ID] and follow the wizard that appears. If you already enter e-mail address and password for login. Click [Login]. Wait a few moments. Pages that appear will provide options for payment: credit card and PayPal.

3. Select [PayPal] if want to use PayPal then click [Next]. Enter your PayPal account with password. Next comes the notification. Wait for a while until appears verification. A confirmation email will enter to the email that you registered into Paypal. If done, application will be directly downloaded automatically.

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