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OCZ REVODRIVE 3 X2, Maximum Speed Like Server Class

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When we asked what the fastest storage today, almost 99% percent would reply in unison with the answer of SSD. Yes indeed not wrong its answer SSD is the fastest storage that available today. But did you know that type of SSD also vary. Not all SSD generate the same data transfer rate because each SSD has different controller.

This time product is OCZ Revodrive3 X2 is the best and fastest SSD which available today. By using four SandForce 2200 controller, OCZ Revodrive3 X2 actually are two SSD OCZ Revodrive3 that united by using RAID0 system. This leads to the transfer speed of OCZ Revodrive3 X2 increased sharply reaching 1.5 GB/s.

OCZ Revodrive3 X2 different from SSD in general because doesn’t using SATA3 connectors or mPCIe, rather uses PCIe 2.0 interface connector. As we all know that PCIe has bandwidth that much larger compared to SATA connectors.

With transfer rate of 1.5 GB/s, OCZ Revodrive3 X2 is SSD that suitable use for servers and the enterprise. This further supported by various enterprise features in it which further adds to the value from OCZ Revodrive3 X2, such as OCZ VCA 2.0 (virtualized Controller Architecture) and OCZ SuperScale Storage Accelerator.

Results of testing showing performance of this SSD almost reach three times higher than ordinary SSD which use SATA3 connector. This quite reasonable considering OCZ Revodrive3 X2 using RAID0 configuration and PCIe 2.0 interface.

(+) Maximum transfer speed reaches 1.5 GB/s
(+) Ideal used as the enterprise storage server
(-) Using one PCIe 2.0 slot on motherboard



Capacity : 240 GB
Interface : PCIe 2.0
Weight : 115 gram
Special Feature : OCZ VCA 2.0, OCZ SuperScale Storage Accelerator
Sales Package : N/A

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