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Nokia Asha 205 & Nokia 206, Planted with Slam Feature

January 1st, 2013 0 Comments


Both became the first generation which planted Slam feature for easy sharing. Multimedia content such as photos and video can be transferred easily to nearby friends instantly.

Slam could function in the majority of Bluetooth phones without first pairing. Phones receiver also must not have Slam. Quite few clicks the content instantly get into the phone receiver. Very simple once. Unfortunately ‘Slam’ not yet compatible with iOS and Windows Phone.

Nokia Asha 205 and Nokia 206 will be complemented Nokia Xpress Internet that using Nokia cloud technology to reduce data consumption up to 90%. It means, the cost of internet will be smaller. In addition there is Nokia Nearby, web application that could help locate points of interest such as restaurants, shopping and the nearest ATM.

Which the most interesting in Nokia Asha 205 is the existence of special button ie Facebook. Plus eBuddy Chat, Twitter, and support for popular email accounts such as Gmail, Nokia Asha 205 indeed fit for networking socialites friends.

There was notification of screen for eBuddy thus we can continue to monitor the conversation. Nokia include Nokia Life+, including Life Skills and Live Healthy services, and free 40 EA Games.

This qwerty keyboard Phones comes in single SIM and dual SIM version. The dual SIM equipped EasySwap. Its battery also durable – capable of idle up to 37 days on single SIM and up to 25 days on dual SIM.

Asha 205 has variant of Cyan color, Magenta and Orange. This product will be sold with price range of US$ 62 in the last quarter of 2012.


Classic look with the alphanumeric keypad, Nokia 206 displaying 2.4-inch screen that fairly wide to navigate Internet, playing games until chatting. In the home screen there is shortcut to Facebook and Twitter. Yes, this series indeed targeting users who need ease of surfing internet with the traditional style operation.

Results made by 1.3 MP camera easily shared to Facebook. Nokia also immerse WhatsApp (on single SIM), eBuddy Chat, until gift pack contains 10 premium content which is free.

Besides single SIM, Nokia also prepare dual SIM version. This one will be equipped with EasySwap technology for easy moving SIM cards without having to turn off the phone first. But that most coolest probably the battery endurance: could idle up to 47 days on single SIM and up to 28 days on dual SIM.

Comes with bright colors, including Cyan, Magenta and Yellow, Nokia 206 will be sold with price range of US $ 62, from the last quarter of 2012.

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