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Knowing SSD Storage Space

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Are you one of laptop users who was upset with laptop performance that often slower? Though “tattoo” on the laptop already labeled the latest processor and up-to-date. In fact, you already do the addition or upgrade memory. This is, may be that you already do “tune up”, either in the registry until defrag the hard disk. Unfortunately, the performance of laptop still not satisfactory!

Based on case above, indeed the performance of computing devices such as laptops was never always because of memory or processor. Another thing that also affects was a matter of hard disk speed. Often a slower laptop components will affect on the other components, even though other components are powered. So all the element related to speed of input, process and output will play a role and overall will directly proportional with its speed.

What is SSD?

SSD or stands for Solid State Drive is this storage media doesn’t have discs and mechanical machines such as hard disk. Its idea the same as flash disk that we usually use, which is using flash memory cell as the core of storage. However, this one is large capacity and equipped with the same standards as regular hard disks.

Advantages of using SSD

Solid state drive now been commonly found its size that large and affordable became one special consideration even though compared to hard disk indeed still very expensive yet advantages that gained also multiplied so the high prices was “paid off” with all the advantages of SSD, and also certain SSD fever will comes along the line of laptops which also already entered the era of Ultrabook.

Waiting time more faster. Without media discs then delay in response time that caused due to the search of sector on media discs on regular hard disk (seek time) which doesn’t exist. Thus the speed and availability of data supply from SSD fast and instant.

Shocks and Heat resistant. If on hard disk there’s a term of flying disc in its discs, then on SSD there’s nothing at all thus more shock resistant. This may become an important consideration for your laptop that are often used mobile.

Not noisy. The sound on hard disk due to the mechanical rotor and head movement, while on SSD none. Reasonable if this storage media very silent.

Save Electricity. The loss of mechanical components makes this media very efficient on power, approximately less from half the power consumed by conventional hard disk. The use of SSD will extend battery life of laptop that we have.

More Cool. There’s no friction or round disc on SSD makes this media tends to be cooler as well has a stable temperature even though amid the busyness of read-write data that high.

More Light. Set of memory chips on SSD clearly much lighter than discs. Your laptop also definitely became lighter although this wasn’t too significant.

Disadvantages of using SSD

Expensive. Weakness from SSD was the price, SSD which still relatively more expensive. Currently, this device still worth about US$ 1 per 1 Gigabyte capacity. But along with the development of needs and production that more and more also mass, estimated two or three years the price of SSD devices will become cheaper and competitive.

Small capacity. Today the largest capacity of SSD that found in the market ie 512 GB. Of course, this capacity still far from hard disk capacity that has reached a count of Terrabyte.


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