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Know Your Email Protocol

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Email becoming an inseparable part in the world of work today. Many who do interaction via email in times of short message (SMS) or MMS already no longer able to accommodate what it wants submitted. In the world of work itself, interactions via email more generally because was considered a more formal address than phone numbers or instant messaging account.

Email support today also comes with appearance and settings that more easily, for example BlackBerry that provides simple settings for synchronizing email to the smartphone. However for some devices such as Symbian, Android and others, you will need additional settings in choosing email protocol that are used.

POP3, IMAP, and Exchange are three email protocol that frequently used. Each has special differences that makes our e-mail settings should match with the support that provided by email service.


Post Office Protocol (POP3) is the oldest e-mail protocol. Coming from era when Internet connection still using dial-up modem. POP3 allows users to retrieve data when connected with internet but doesn’t have to stay online to retrieve the data. This connection has advantages due to its ability to save cost of Internet which expensive.

POP3 has procedure that can be assumed as the mailbox where the email server only a temporary place before it is sent to computer or smartphone users. POP3 allows users to retrieve all email in the server then delete it automatically. It also helps in dealing with the limited capacity that are given by email server.


Internet Message Access Protocolor or better known by the name of IMAP are standard protocol that more modern. Its use of procedure also different from POP3, on IMAP using mode that connected directly without interruption. It allows you directly receive email on computer or your smartphone devices, at almost the same time with email that comes into the servers.

The use of IMAP mode will be suitable if you use a fast connection for reading email. Because of the online method that are used make you only able to access email while in a state of connected with email server. Incoming emails also will remain on the server until you delete it manually.


Messaging Application Program Interface (MAPI) is email protocol belongs Microsoft that provides better functionality than POP3 and IMAP. This protocol normally used for interaction of client that use Microsoft Outlook and server which using Microsoft Exchange.

MAPI or commonly known as Exchange indeed protocol that exclusively given to the clients who use Exchange server from Microsoft. This protocol more safe, since when doing remote access you need to use VPN that more assured from the security side. The use of MAPI enables users to synchronize calendar and contacts.


Apple iPhone and iPod Touch support the use of push mail. Both of this devices support the use of email with Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail and Microsoft Exchange server. Android devices from Google provide push mail support for Gmail and Microsoft Exchange yet Yahoo Mail not supported on devices based Android. As an alternative, you can download Yahoo Mail application for free on Google Play.

RIM through BlackBerry devices which is known phenomenal also provide push mail support that more better. BlackBerry through BES monitor the server of email and when gets incoming email, automatically pulling data and sends it on BlackBerry device. This device supports almost all types of email protocol with a simple settings.

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