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How to Do Online Presentation in Word & PowerPoint 2013

July 19th, 2013 0 Comments

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Ideally you do a direct presentation, in front of others. Office 2013 has features to do online presentations, so that other people can access it directly via their browser. As a note, this feature only available for Word and PowerPoint 2013.

1. Open the document on PowerPoint or Word, and then click FILE tab.

2. At the Backstage menu, click on Share tab. Under the Share select Present Online option, then click Present Online.

3. Then Office will make connected preparations to do a presentation online.

4. If done, then will be shown a window where in it there are links that you can give to someone else to view the presentation via the browser. Click Start Presentation button to begin the presentation. As a note, if you accidentally close the window with no chance to copy the link, you can access it again by clicking Send Invitations button from Ribbon.

5. Will appear the display from your side as the party giving presentations.

6. If you want to edit the content of presentations, just click Edit button available on the Ribbon. Then the presentation will pause. Click the Resume button to continue the presentation.

7. There will be display from other people who opened the presentation link via a browser.

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