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Dumpster, Sensation of Recycle Bin on Android

December 2nd, 2012 0 Comments


Of course not all files or documents can you store continuously on the smartphone, in time there will be file that want to delete because memory already full or could be because there are files that were deleted since was accidentally deleted. In the case on Windows PC would be easy enough, there is Recycle Bin, the menu for back up files that we delete so later can be restored if turns out still in use.

Then what about on Android that now became smartphones millions of people? Generally, deleted files can’t be ‘called’ again, but thanks to Dumpster application, sensation of Recycle Bin can be presented in your smartphone. This free application can prevent panic if any time there are important files that was accidentally deleted in memory.

On default settings, this apps will back up all the files that were deleted. Not just limited on file that intentionally (manually) you remove, but also backing up the cache files that removed periodically by the system of applications, such as Foursquare and Facebook. This becomes less effective, because those files indeed not needed and actually fill up the hardisk if we not remove periodically.

So, as recommended of settings after this application are installed, you can select the option the types of file that will you guys back up. You can select image, audio, video, or document so as not too many files that are stored. One more thing, files that exist in this application will permanently deleted regularly. Along with the importance of Android using for business purposes, suggest for you to try this application.

* Dumpster can recognize and read all files and documents in various formats.
* This application setting was made easy and simple, you can operate it without any difficulty.
* Files that have been deleted, you can recognize again its identity, even may be restore to a folder.
* A selection of files that can be protected. System of this application will remove permanently after a period of 3 months.
* As free application, it is reasonable there are ads on the bottom panel (when you are online).

Source : http://www.dumpsterapp.mobi/
Download : Google Play
File size : 1.9 MB
Price : Free
hardware support : Android 2.2 above

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