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Change Tablets into Console & Phones into Gamepad

July 11th, 2013 0 Comments

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If you don’t have gamepad, and has tablets and phones based on Android, then another way can be used. Just make your smartphone as the gamepad for games that run on the tablet. For Android, you can use special application Tablet Remote. This application can be obtained free of charge on Google Play Store. This application must be installed on both devices: tablets and phones. Connections that used can using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

1. Install Tablet Remote app on your phone and tablet. Make sure both devices already activated its wireless connection either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Furthermore, on the tablet, Activate the application and tap [Setup].

2. Make sure the input controls on the tablet was set in Tablet Remote. Tap [Enable Tablet Remote In The Settings] then tap the option [Tablet Remote] on the Settings window that appears. Tap [Back] to return to the previous menu. Check mark will appear on the option “Enable Tablet Remote In The Settings“.

3. Tap [Change The Input Method For Tablet Remote] then select [Tablet Remote]. Tap [Back]. Next, go back to the main window and tap [Connection]. Tap there an option [Make Device Discoverable] and tap [Yes] on the confirmation box that appears.

4. Now run the same application that are installed in phones. Next, tap [Connection] then tap [Scan Devices]. Wait until the tablet detectable. If done, tap the name of tablet that detected and the connection will be connected. For info will appear notification “Connected Devices” on both devices.

5. Furthermore, you can run the game in tablet. Perform control using the gamepad that was on the phone. Activate gamepad in phones by tap [Remote]. Gamepad menu will appear. Furthermore, games can be played. Gamepad settings can be set in [Settings] menu.

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