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7 Tips Choosing Games and Applications for Your Children

March 11th, 2013 0 Comments

Tips Choosing Games and Applications for Your Children

There are important things to choosing games and applications for your children. Moreover, if it concerns the affairs of children under age. Not rare, games and application that are provided the developer actually not intended for children, yet packaged with concepts that seems safe for all ages.

If it so, most likely the child will get the content that wasn’t appropriate, and sometimes even have negative impacts on the child development and behaviors.

To keep things which unwanted, as the parents it is better you pay attention to some important tips when choosing games and mobile applications for kids.

Here 7 Tips Choosing Games and Applications for Your Children you should follow:

1. Dont be Fooled with The Title

When choosing game or application for child, do not immediately believe the title, whether those game or application actually intended for children or not.

Usually, many games or applications that its title seems good, but instead its contents to trap. For example, sports boxing game. If seen its title, may be interesting because there are elements of the sport. But, if its inside implies the style of violence (extreme fighting) should be avoided.

2. Check The Facilities

In addition to considering the title and game-play, it is better you also check out the facilities offered by the game or application for children. For a certain age, try games and applications that are selected are offline.

Because, if you choose online or multiplayer most likely the child interacts with the outside world very wide open. This of course could open a gap for the child to get the information that isn’t correspond to its age, either from forums or online communities nor social networking services such as Facebook and Twitter.

If you already download it, make sure you turn off the online option or the multiplayer.

3. Don’t be Deceived by Ads

Generally, mobile games and applications that offered for free many inserted with advertising materials, which certainly done by developers of applications to seek profit.

Average, the target is the children who are attracted by its looks. Be careful, teach intelligent and critical attitude to children so that not easily trapped in any advertising and promo products which offered by the application developers.

4. Don’t be Spendthrift

Instead, look for games or applications that are free. Yet, if the more favored are paids, you should recommend the child to smart choosing the appropriate application, both in types nor its prices.

Or could also by setting limits on how much money can be spent to download applications for each month. Related to paids game, some market applications already that implement payment system with currencies. In fact, there was that applying pulse cutting system.

5. Learn Product Specifications

Usually, games and applications on the main page of marketplace was random. Not rare, the application for adults and children that offered in the same page. Unless you directly encouraging children to choose specific categories of children.

If not, ought activity of choosing, learning including seeing the game or applications specification which done by the parents. This is done to avoid the children to see and read the descriptions as well screenshots from the game or application that not feasible for their age.

6. Choose Game or Application Which has Element of Education

From many things to consider in choosing game or application for children, education element is the mandatory content that should be the priority of parents. Besides can entertaining, games or applications of this type can help the growth of children. For example, the introduction of letters, numbers, colors and images game or application.

7. Choose Game or Application that Interactive and Creative

Besides the element of education, must be guide the child to choose the application or games that support interactive and creativity side. Ex, a guessing game or a puzzle picture. Could also that related to the coloring.

I think this 7 Tips Choosing Games and Applications for Your Children maybe useful for you, so choosing games and application depend on interest of your kids is very important.

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