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6 Best Tips Choosing The Right Office Applications For Smartphones

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What can I do to Choosing The Right Office Application For Smartphones to support your work? Whether those application is in conformity with the requirements?

Lots of people buy smartphones not only for communication purposes, entertainment or personal use. And talking about application, all smartphone from various OS platform offers applications related to the office in general. Or productivity applications related to business and jobs. Like applications to view documents, edit documents, data synchronization or task management.

Here 5 Best Tips Choosing The Right Office Applications For Smartphones

1. See The Used Platform

Before choosing the right office application. See the first platform and what device you use. Due to various kinds of office applications available in the online application store. You have to carefully see what office needs that related to your device. Apple products such iPad or iPhone excels Given the many applications related to the office. And the number of developers who give priority to developing applications on iOS devices.

While Windows Phone superior in terms of its integration with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office. And all things related to Microsoft products. If Android of course since from products side have more kinds and types than those of iPhone and Windows Phone. And surely open platform so that you can make your office application itself that support your jobs and business. Don’t forget BlackBerry as a device that indeed segmented for business and office purpose.

2. Adjust to The Needs

Make sure what office needs that you need. If you use it for personal purposes then maybe you don’t need to edit the document. Such as on the use on iPhone where you can easily view online documents in Safari, either as Office Web Apps and Google Docs that lets you view files with mobile browser.

At the Business and Productivity in the list of App Store many applications that can help edit Office documents, Spreadsheets, and many more. Similarly for BlackBerry, Android or Windows Phone devices. Just as Documents To Go, QuickOffice, and Office2 application. Includes in it presentation application for you that jobs related to presentation or exposure of product.

3. Synchronization with Company Server

Another factor when choosing application for business and office is the selected application can be linked directly and connected to the server in your company. Such as Microsoft Exchange Server that can be used to withdraw and synchronize email, contacts, calendars, directly to your company’s server.

If most of your work associated with the connection to the company. Then those kind of application be an option to be considered. Applications on BlackBerry and Windows Mobile may be the best option for you. Where many applications from both this platforms which offers those needs and its application which more business-oriented.

4. See Email Application

Applications related to email also factors that should not be ignored. This includes Exchange ActiveSync support where you can easily withdraw business and personal email from anywhere. Or option that could lead to Moxier Mail applications as an alternative default email which already exists in your devices. Including Direct Push Synchronization and Security features thus your personal data safely from the data theft.

5. Notice The Application Fee

Many office applications available in the market and each has its advantages and specifications. Many of these applications are free and not paid, but usually only display certain menus and not displays functionality of overall. If you need a more detailed application then of course you have to buy those application. Ensure that the applications purchased according with the type and needs of your job.

So far Documents To Go became the most popular apps although indeed its price more expensive than other office application. This application has the interface that OK for editing documents. Even including support for viewing the next document also includes sidebars and images in the document. Docs To Go also includes some unique features such as search menu between all sources of documents and PowerPoint editing program. While QuickOffice Mobile Suite application can be an interesting alternative option for users.

6. Needs of Save Files

For those of you that mobile and business workers, the need for save files be an important sectors. Indeed high end smartphones and tablets surely have an internal memory capacity that large enough. Especially with the addition of external memory.

But still today applications that provides support for file storage very needed. DropBox applications for example can be used as storage media including file storage of documents, photos, videos. So you can save documents and files from anywhere. And certainly without burdening internal memory on your device.

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