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50 Ideas To Writing A Business Blog

June 6th, 2013 0 Comments

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Strongest elements in a blog is content. If your content contains more information than just selling, a blog can be more easily accepted its readers. Unfortunately, information-rich content apparently doesn’t show up any time. You may have experienced stuck. If you are now experiencing it, below are list of 50 ideas for writing content of a business blog:

1. Preach the ongoing trend
Run Google Alert (http://google.com/alert) on specific keywords that relate to your business to find the headlines that are in hot discussed over the Internet.

2. Develop opinions on a popular news
If you find a text of other bloggers that were received much public attention, you can copy those text and adding your comments. Add link to the original post, then mention those bloggers for get permission and publications.

3. State the opinion on news that popular
You can also get traffic by standing as the opposition to an opinion that is being circulated in public. But of course, you must confident with your opinions which will later you defended.

4. Create a debate
Against those who do not agree with your opinion, you can invite it to make a rival writings that will be published on your blog.

5. Write article according to keywords that are sought after
If your website already using Google Analytic services (http://google.com/analytic) then you can use it to see what most used search terms that used other people to get to your blog.

6. Answer from frequently asked questions
An article contains FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) could save you a lot of time instead of having to answer the questions one by one.

7. Question and Answer with celebrity
You could interview a popular figure, which experts or celebrities who are competent in their field, then publish it on your blog in a question-and-answer writings or in profile of the day form.

8. Tell the success story of customer
You can begin interviewing customers which according to you success thanks to your business. Customer get publicity, you get the material. While other readers will get a positive impression on your business.

9. Write review of a book
If you have read a book that you think your customers will like it, then you can write a review about those book.

10. Review a product or service
Review that later you write not your product or service, or belongs your competitors. But rather other products or services closely related to your service, that should be known by your customers.

11. Make comparison test
On reviews about the product or service that you write, you can provide more value by comparing two or more similar products.

12. Write predictions
If you regularly writing news that was booming on the market in 2011, then you should not be difficult to make predictions about what products that will be popular in the year 2012/2013.

13. Coverage of a conference
Eg if is in progress conference about new trends that involve areas of your business, then take your recording device then start covering.

14. Holds a contest to write blog
Contest is the most powerful way to attract the blogger for competing to make writings about your brand. The advantage that you can get is the increasing existence of your business on Internet.

15. Offer something that special
For example, a sneak peek party of your new products that limited to attended by subscriber to your blog, or the best customer which lucky to get free pass from you.

16. Exposing regarding your social activities
If your business gave positive feedback on community, eg by organizing social activities, then you can writing news about how the course of your events and what you have accomplished.

17. Open secrets of industry or public lies
When you tell secret of industry that will not be told by others, your writing will be a hit.

18. Make an award
Eg every year you can give the best title on the figures relating to your business. No need massively. Review blog alone is enough.

19. Mention things that familiar
Mention the name of a celebrity or sensational pop artist, then your readers will instantly feel connected with your post.

20. Create routines
Eg a writings dedicated exclusively to “customer this week” or arrange a monthly collection about best articles online that match your business.

21. Write about your product or service updates
You can report any updates that have been done ​​in the development of your product. Here, you can show your appreciation indirectly to members of your team who have worked so hard.

22. Convey your business plan future
Give your readers a sneak peek of what you will do in the next year to start creating a buzz in community.

23. Brag about when you are trensetter
Tell the public how your business affects your competitors, and make industry evolves by following you.

24. Show your vision
If you have a different view than your competitors, then tell it to strengthen the line between your business with competitors.

25. Tell the origin of founding your business
Many new readers will feel connected with a business after finding out the origin of those business. So please write about why and how you started your business.

26. Tell your business leaps
What is the biggest leaps ever happened in the history of your company? Tell about those important moments and how these moments transform your business.

27. Tell about blunder that you ever make
Everyone sometimes also like to read a business failure, to just know that they doesn’t alone. So tell your experience of blunder, but ends by telling how you handle it.

28. Tell your customer experience
Your customer may have just confide in about their bad experience on a particular service. You can write those thoughts to just remind your other readers. Tell your business workflow. You’ve got work procedures that must be followed by your clients? Then explain the process.

29. Write your inspiration
Write about something that inspires your days or how do you maintain a positive work culture. Sometimes, customers also want to read something that could cheer them on.

30. Show off your idol
You can introduce character profile that inspired you. Mention also the character, eg via Twitter, to get retweet help if he / she pleased.

31. Report your daily business
You can also give customers a direct report from time to time about what your company is doing.

32. Profile of staff
You can display a human face on your company to introduce your employees through profile writings.

33. Show behind the scene
Give your readers a photo or video tour about your customer service desk, the building that became your headquarters, till your store back room.

34. Posting video
Create diversity through video posting on your blog. Eg about sneak peek from your new products, behind the scenes of your business, or your ads.

35. Launch a podcast
Record quickly interview with an expert, or just some helpful tips for your podcast listeners.

36. Make illustrations that full of facts
Infographic or diagram that lots of facts can easily get lot of share on social networks. Examples infographic that found on the following URL: http://ow.ly/9DPhL could have got more than 10,000 retweets.

37. Write a serialized story
If you want to teach your customers something that’s complicated, cut those topic into several parts. Besides that serial also a powerful way to change the readers into subscribers.

38. Make how-to tutorial
Eg if there is more than one way to maximize the use of your product, then you can begin to spread the information through writings in how-to format.

39. Show your sense of humor
Consider for inserting light humor on your “how-to” writings. Readers will love the business owner who can laugh itself when there’s something wrong in the office.

40. Short debriefing
You doesn’t have time to make how-to in step-by-step? You can write question and answer segment with your readers where the step-by-step later directed to other blogs that have written it specifically.

41. Posting your question
What you need to know from your customers? Just ask in a post, and let your readers continue its content.

42. Compose a list of links
If you find some interesting opinions on a topic, you can collect it into one post that contains the best opinion.

43. Gather a list of resource
Collect a number of good books that might be useful for your readers.

44. Hold a market research
You want to know which product that attracting more customers? Create a virtual focus group, announced through your posting blog that will be the broadcast event via webcam with the purpose of market research.

45. Reader polling
You can spread information through blog writings that you held polling via your Facebook Fans page. Who knew the readers that interested will ‘like‘ your Fan Page as well.

46. Share the results of polling or the contest results
Never leave your readers with no status. Create a follow-up writings that contains the results of the competition announcement or your polling.

47. Share feedback from your customers
Eg if there are good comments that go through your polling, you can make it headlines for your next writing.

48. Collect the best from your blog
If you think some from your best writings buried in the archives, you can repost your 10 favorite writings.

49. Read your competitors blog
If you run out of ideas, see what topics can attract crowds on your competitors blog and make the same writings, with your own subject. You could even put link to your competitors writings. Let the reader compare.

50. One key to the success from business blog is the diversity
If all your writing same, eg about “Seven Ways to Use Our ​​Products” then your blog will become boring quickly. So, use one from 50 writings ideas above to create diversity for your blog.

Thus the idea of ​​writing content of a business blog. Hopefully these useful for you.

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