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5 Alternative Ways to Install Android Applications

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Did you know besides via Google Play, there are several ways to install a variety of Android applications. Here will give 5 alternative ways to install Android applications.

By installing diverse applications, so your Android phones has a variety of functions. Good for photographic purposes, entertainment, multimedia, till for the matters associated with the data and writing.

Here the tips:

1. Google Play Store

Of course, for those of you Android users already familiar enough with the applications market made by this Google. Google Play Store has a variety of applications that are complete enough as well as ways to install apps that is a fairly easy enough by download the selected application and wait until it has finished.

2. Android SDK

If with the way above the application you want to install are available in Android Market, and how if the application in form of APK files that comes from other sources, for example from website / other forum which is providing APK file to be installed? Well Android SDK is the right answer. Unfortunately, this way not easy but also not too difficult. Well, the steps are:

Download and install Android SDK program and Android USB drivers into your PC. You can search it via Google.

* Change the settings on the phone to allow the installation of applications from other sources. On Menu> Settings> Application Settings> Unknown Sources. Then on Menu> Settings> SD Card & Phone Storage> Enable connection to USB.

* The last step, open Windows Command Prompt and type “adb install <1>/<2>. apk”.

* Replace <1> with the path leading to the APK files that stored and replace <2> with the name of APK file, for example adb install C: angry birds.apk

* After installation is completed, applications ready to use.

3. Android Injector

Another way is by using Android Injector. This application you can obtained easily from internet. You just search it on Google search engine. Next, download and install “Android Injector” to your PC. Then follow these steps:

* Connect your phone with PC using data cable that is included

* Perform the settings by go to settings> applications> development> check/mark USB debugging.

* Run Android Injector application

* Click menu> Check for attached devices

* Click ‘select file’ to choose APK file that you saved in PC

* Once selected, click ‘install to devices’ for installing apps

* Once completed, exit

4. APK Installer

This method a bit similar to the way install Android apps through Android SDK, the difference only in this way more simpler because you don’t need to do any setting on phones. With this application, your can install those APK file on your PC to your phones simply by double clicking on those APK file. Here are the steps:

* Download APK Installer by searching it on Google then install the file

* Once installed, connect your phone to PC through data cable

* Double-click APK file in the computer that you want installed into your Android phones.

But if want install APK yet there was no USB cable. You can use other methods. For example, by moving apk file via memory cards, bluetooth, or send APK to email and open the email to download those APK.

Use the way that you think is easy, which important so that the apk file can move to the phone. Once the APK file successfully transferred, before downloading it give a check in ‘Unknown Sources’ located on Menu> Settings> Application.

5. File Manager

There are many types of file manager on Play Store, one of files application named ASTRO File Manager. First, move APK file from PC to phone. Next after Astro File Manager succeed you installed, find the APK files stored on memory card using ASTRO File Manager. Point to application that you plan to install.

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