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4 Steps Organization APK Files More Neatly

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When downloading an APK installer file, sometimes some of them have names that isn’t true, in the sense that its name composed with a few random letters. Application called ApkRenamer can help you by searching the downloaded APK file so that you can change the name to be neater and easier to find.

1. After running ApkRenamer, choose the folder where you save the APK file.

2. On the settings, you can do the settings like choosing the order of names and other information that will be displayed. The default setting of application name was the name after its version. The third option is a blank space. If you just want to display the name only without the installer file versions, select <empty> option. There are also settings to choose the separator between the name of the application version.

3. In some situations, APK file will be read with the default name like “tablet.apk” or “app.apk“. But when ApkRenamer read it, you can see the original name of the installer.

4. Tap Rename Files button and APK file name will be changed in accordance to the original name with the display settings that you have specified.

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