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20 Free Apps in BlackBerry

July 5th, 2013 0 Comments

BlackBerry offers BlackBerry World app market that provides dozens of thousands applications. On those application store its users can easily download the desired application. There was dozens of thousands apps in BlackBerry World, and the following 20 which must be installed and of course free.

1. Facebook

Facebook, who didn’t know this social networking service? With more than one billion users makes it the largest social media in the world. Its users scattered from the megapolitan city to remote countryside. From drivers of public transportation until among the celebrity. And more certain again, around you too lot of who signed up on Facebook.

2. Twitter

Lately Twitter increasingly popular and its users continues to grow. Just like Facebook, this social networking service users in Indonesia are numerous and growing steadily. There are many Twitter applications in BlackBerry. In addition of course Twitter for BlackBerry, recommend UberSocial for Twitter.

Instant Messaging
3. Instant Messaging

For instant messenger service, can’t recommend what application which required to be installed, since depends on the number of your friends that use what services? For example, your friends and family use WhatsApp, then inevitably you also have to install WhatsApp. Other instant messaging applications available in BlackBerry, such as Yahoo Messenger, Line Messenger, Viber, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, and so forth.

4. PicMix

Android and iPhone mobile phone owners surely familiar with Instagram. PicMix is photo blogging service similar to Instagram, but PicMix more complete. For example, there are features of frame, Popular rubric, and Contest. And the most interesting part of this application is its maker, since its developers is Indonesian citizens. Not believe? Please check the manufacturers detailed info.

5. Foursquare

Social networking service based-location, where its users can display their position to other people. Foursquare popular thanks to “check-in” features. Each of check-in its users will earn points and badges.

BlackBerry Protect
6. BlackBerry Protect

Ever imagined your phone lost or stolen? Well, suppose it was bad luck, because if the phone is lost indeed rarely found again, even with this application you can get your BlackBerry positions. But what about the data in it? What if there are important data? Well, with this BlackBerry Protect you can erase the data in phone remotely via Internet. You can also backup the data on the phone.

Pattern Lock Free
7. Pattern Lock Free

If your BlackBerry touchscreen, suggest to install this application. Pattern Lock is lock screen application using pattern method. It would be very helpful, since this method is easier and faster than using the traditional password.

Screen Grabber
8. Screen Grabber

One of the most popular screenshot application in BlackBerry and often entered in top free apps in BlackBerry World. One of the benefits from Screen Grabber was no watermark.

9. BeBuzz

Bored with twinkling color LED notification lights in your BlackBerry phone? Try downloading BeBuzz. With this application you can change the LED light color as you wish.

10. Erdioo

Formerly known as Nux Radio. With this application you can listen to local radio in Indonesia via streaming. Even so you no longer need to use pulses, since Nux Radio runs through BIS network.

Photo Studio
11. Photo Studio

Image processing application with more than 130 filters, effects, and frame. Photo Studio integrates directly with BBM, Facebook, and Twitter, so that edits photos result can be sent to social networking service.

12. Fancy Smile – Fancy Character

One of the interesting from BlackBerry was a funny and interesting emotion. Well, with this application you can add hundreds of new emotion. There was that colored or emotion based text. Fancy Smiley supports all Unicode symbols and characters.

13. Evernote

Evernote was notes application / notes based cloud. So that the records created will be stored on Internet and can be accessed easily opened on another device. In addition to text, Evernote supports voice memo and business card.

14. Dropbox

Is online storage service. With Dropbox you can store data on the phone onto the internet, and open it in other devices, like PCs. Provided also sharing feature to share files to others easily.

15. Shazam

This is application to detect the currently playing song information around the user. Shazam also provide the function of sharing to email, Twitter, and Facebook. Then there are Buy track facilities to buy songs, and Watch YouTube videos to find a relevant video from the song that you listened.

Opera Mini
16. Opera Mini

One of the popular web browser application in mobile phone devices. The advantages of Opera Mini is in terms of speed, since use compression system. Its features also arguably more complete than the default BlackBerry web browser.

17. BlackBerry Travel

This application seems must downloaded by you who like traveling. Through BlackBerry Travel we can plan and organize travel with activities easily and quickly. Interestingly, this application already integrated with the phone’s calendar, and with a third party service, so it can book hotels or convert currency from the phone.

18. Player For YouTube

Yes, this application function to open YouTube video page. Player for YouTube provide search functions, share, and bookmark. Users can also find videos that are popular, top rated, video that many seen, or the latest video uploaded to those biggest video site.

Battery Booster
19. Battery Booster

One complaint from the smartphone users was the battery which is wasteful. Well, with this application, the use of batteries can be minimized. The technique is to disable features that not needed when not in use. Besides Battery Booster, other option is Battery Booster : Battery Saver FREE.

Font Control
20. Font Control

With Font Control you can change the font in BlackBerry with other fonts as you wish. It is said there are more than 400 fonts which can be downloaded instantly. Users also can delete the fonts that has been installed if it is not needed.

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