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13 Step to Optimize Skydrive on Windows Phone Mango

March 18th, 2013 0 Comments


One of the features in Windows Phone Mango (7.5) was SkyDrive. SkyDrive is the cloud storage service owned by Microsoft Windows.

Unlike others smartphones, that requires you installing third-party applications to access SkyDrive, on Windows Phone Mango you no longer need to install the application anymore because already included in it. Features to access SkyDrive service can be accessed via Office menu where the inside already includes Office applications like PC.

In order to use this service, of course you need Windows Live ID account. To get it you can register it via the official website or when the first time you use Smartphone Windows Phone.

1. Sign In Windows Live ID from Smartphone WIndows Phone, this Windows Live ID usually already there when you first use it. Or if don’t you can include it via menu settings.

2. Choose Start, scroll to left to the application list, then tap Office.

3. Your Note in Microsoft OneNote on notebooks in Skydrive will appear on Notes in the phone. Likewise with the existing Office documents in SkyDrive. And if there are no names on OneNote in notebook inside your “My Documents folder” in SkyDrive, it will automatically created on Skydrive and synchronized to your smartphone.

4. Tap on the document to open it.

5. Then open one from an existing document, then you can edit it directly on the phone, save it, and will automatically synchronized on your SkyDrive account,

6. Once the file edited document, you can save it back in Skydrive.

7. To upload document to SkyDrive from your phone, you can do it through Office Hub, then slide to Location, then Phone.

8. Tap document to open it, then Tap more> choose Share.

9. Then select SkyDrive.

10. To save new document to SkyDrive, through Office Hub, slide to Documents, then tap New.

11. Choose Word or Excel.

12. When finished create documents, tap More> Save.

13. Type the file name on Box File name, then tap list of “Save to” then select SkyDrive> Save.

With this feature you can access yours Skydrive easily and maximum.

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