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10 Steps Do Software Installation and File Storage On Cloud

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Using common PC to access personal website or even run special software will relate to the security risks. WorldDesk provide virtual desktop solution that runs on PC with Windows XP, Windows 7 32-bit, and Windows 7 64-bit operating system so applications that running on WorldDesk occurs in virtual.

1. That need to be prepared is WorldDesk software that match with the operating system. Here, using WorldDesk Windows 7 32-bit version. Double-click WDFY_win7_X32 file which will then occur file extraction.

2. Installation window will appear. Then click Next to continue.

3. The third step is to choose the installation location of WorldDesk. There are two options that can be done. Installation can be performed on storage media such as external drives, USB drives, or via Dropbox. For information, WorldDesk installation requires space around 1.5 GB.

4. Here, using Dropbox. Dropbox is the cloud data storage applications. Dropbox provides data storage space of 2 GB for free. When selecting the installation of WorldDesk to Dropbox, will be asked the location of sharefolder for Dropbox. Click Install to continue.

5. Then will appear WorldDesk setting window when copying data to the installation folder. This process will take several minutes.

6. Once the installation process completed, click checkbox Launch WorldDesk thus the program will be active.

7. Will appear WorldDesk desktop configuration appearance. For desktop to be active must wait until the process reaches 100%.

8. Before go to WorldDesk desktop, will appear warning that whatever application that installed on WorldDesk desktop will not happen on Host desktop. Then it will form a virtual desktop. Click Yes to continue.

9. Then will appear WorldDesk desktop appearance with docking settings on the above . This Docking includes Switch to Host button which means the user can freely move to Host desktop when feel need to.

10. On the setting button of mapping drives, click Add button below, then select WorldDesk.Caches. This drive will contain settings that happens on your WorldDesk. When the user do software installation on WorldDesk desktop, all those settings will be saved and reloaded when the user activates WorldDesk desktop again.

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